Lost like me


Do you feel lost

like I feel lost?


Because everything you were told

about life has turned out to be a lie?


And here you sit, back against the bark

of the maple tree whose name you do not know


in the front yard of a house that you call yours

but really isn’t?


What shall we do with this betrayal--

the food that once nurtured us


now the food that is killing us?

In my heart I wish to hear the voice


of this tree, crabgrass, soil, stone.

My body lost her way on asphalt paths


lined by empty plastic bags.

But who am I to find my way?


Who are we to journey deep

into darkness where everything sings,


where dragons still breathe fire

to warm the hearth of our truest home?


There is no belonging here

afloat in the ocean of untruth.


It is only a pretend map we forgot

was a game we started long ago.