This morning I ventured quite a ways down the i-net rabbit hole and found a lot of goodies to share. I am more than excited to begin this very goddess-y exercise class here in Columbus to get in touch with the natural ecstasy of being in a human body.   I can't wait to check it out!  I guess you could say I'm bored of my usual workouts.

Interested in following my bliss in a profound way, I have been researching women who have discovered their happiness through honoring their desires, not suppressing them.  Burlesque dancing is the perfect example of a woman reclaiming her beauty after too many years of Cosmo and Vogue-impressed body hatred.  For enlightenment on this topic, I have found these amazing resources:

Olivine Charm School

The Goddess Guidebook

Gala Darling

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

Kitty Cavalier (be sure to read her very inspiring story)

Oh my, and I am sure these are just a drop in the bucket of the amazing resources out there for ladies needing to discover their womanly bliss.  As soon as I can I am going to go out and get myself lipstick, lingerie, and more self-love with the help of these powerful women!

And my newest obsession is green juice!  I call it my green goddess nectar, but it's seriously addictive and amazingly energizing.  You need a juicer, but here is my fave homemade recipe:

Juice together:

1 cucumber, 2 c spinach, 1 heart romaine lettuce, 4 stalks celery, 1 apple, 1/2 lemon

Pour over ice and prepare to be dazzled, makes enough for 2

P.S. One of my all time favorite entertainment goddesses Candye Kane is coming to town!!!  I am so excited, if you are in Columbus join me for what will surely be an awesome night (and yes, she plays the piano with her boobs!!!  You have to see it to believe it!)