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Dear Love Letters

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The Burning Question: What Would you like to Stop Doing?

Stop already.  Stop thinking you are less than,

stop saying your dreams don't matter, your desire

will wait.  Stop burying your muse under the mattress.

Stop believing that you are damaged, you can carry

the weight and therefore you should though you long

to be light, to be en-lightened, to walk in sunlight.

Stop making yourself small so others feel okay

in their smallness.  Climb the sycamore tree

in the ravine, take the kids to India, allow yourself

to make love to whomever, whenever, wherever.  Stop listening

to the fears that disquise themselves as wisdom.

Stop keeping your silence when you know what you want

from the world.  If this person won't listen

stop giving away your time and speak up

until you find the ones who hear you, who

want you to say more.  Stop thinking

that being a mother means you can't.

Stop limiting, stop regretting, stop wishing.

Stop thinking you are not enough.  Stop already.

You are everything you've ever dreamed of.

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Dear Love Letters

Dear Lovely Self: You have been so downtrodden, so burdened, so stuck and so lost for so long.

You secretly wish for delight and love and romance and poetry and goosebumps again.

I am here to tell you right now that these things are your birthright.  You are in the process of discovering how to manifest this effortless delight into your daily life.  How to acknowledge the limitless abundance that you are living in the midst of every moment.  You will look into the mirror from this moment forward and see the radiant beauty of your soul beaming back at you.  You will transform your vision of yourself from the criticized to the praised.  From this moment forward you will only sense the goddesses flowing through you.

Abra cadabra (as I say it, so is it created)