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The Year of the Water Dragon

  • The Year of the Water Dragon

    Photo by Oimax

    I have a very special relationship to a certain water dragon, I wrote about it all here, and I am inspired to dive into the water and journey with this awesome creature again this year.  Sometimes all we need is a powerful symbol or nighttime dream to catalyse our movement again.  There will a be a lot of motion, water flows uninhibited this year, and I for one am stoked for the wild ride.

    Today I plan on cleaning up some old business to make way for the new.  I will be freshening up the sacred spaces in my heart and my home to make room for my dreams to move in with their stunning surprises.  I don't know just what they will look like but I want to welcome them all the same.  Below  are some ways you can follow along with the celebration yourself.

    Special thanks to my dreaming friend Anna who reminded me of this important celebration of Losar, the Tibetan Buddhist new year on February 22 which ushers in the Year of the Water Dragon. Traditional (Tibetan) celebrations begin on February 19 and end two weeks after February 22.

    The Year of the Water Dragon  is a time when powerful forces will culminate to transform our reality. We can use this time to make great changes, dismanteling destructive habit patterns in order to estabish greater virtue and wellbeing. Or, if we are not prepared, the forces may overwhelm us and create chaos and upheaval. Tibetan astrology offers great insight into the forces at work as well as the elemental forces at play.

    February 19 is dedicated to cleaning the house, in particular one's personal shrine or altar. This is the time to clean out the clutter in one's home, get rid of things one does not need, and especially giving one's shrine a thorough cleaning. Removing any last vestiges of the old year's residue, making way for renewed energy and potential.

    February 20 - performing rituals to cleanse negativity

    February 21 - decorating and beautifying one's house, preparing goodies to eat and drink.

    February 22 - celebrating with friends.

    The first two weeks of the new year - known as the moon's rising time - are considered especially auspicious for undertaking any new activity, particularly practice and retreat. New business ventures, marriages, travel, etc., etc., are favored at this time.

    Will you be celebrating Losar?  How will you clean house to make way for the Year of the Water Dragon?  Let me know in the comments!



The Impossible Dream

One day in March I had an impossible vision. In my mind's eye, out of the ether I saw myself packed into my silver Toyota wagon, my two beautiful kids in the backseat, with only what we could fit in the car. We were driving to an unknown destination. Permanently moving. Away from Wisconsin.

I laughed at the thought then because it was clearly not going to happen. Not even in the realm of remote possibility. Their father and I were recently divorced and our agreement was to share the placement of the kids 50/50. Which meant I would be living in Wisconsin for at least another 14 years because I knew there was no way in hell he was going to move. And on top of that, I was wearing the engagement ring that was given to me by a cowboy twice my age. It was all set.

But the feeling I had in that vision was hard to shake. It was as if I was floating in an alternate reality while time stopped. I smiled in my heart as the lightness of the departure spread across the screen of my mind. It was liberating. Dreamy. Downright SCANDALOUS in its audacious freedom.  But then the record scratched.  The image was gone as quickly as it came and I succumbed to reality, scoffing at my improbable, silly daydream.

Now it is June 29. 3 days ago I drove away from Wisconsin with my two beautiful kids and our chocolate lab, Simone, headed for the exciting adventure of a new life in Ohio near family. We sold and gave away everything except for the necessities in clothing, toiletries, and my children's most beloved toys, packed up the wagon and left. Singing the whole way.

The best part about letting go is that the more you let go of, the closer you get to flying.

To be continued . . .