One of my favorite writers and seers is Rob Breszny, whose horoscope updates I receive weekly in my inbox and looooove.  He has written a book about Pronoia, the antidote to Paranoia, and I just had to share these links because I love good news and am addicted to it, and this is a great list of resources!  Thanks, Rob! MORE PRONOIA RESOURCES:

Sources of good news are proliferating. In fact, their increasing abundance is proof that there's no longer any excuse for steeping yourself in the perverse life-hating obsession that infects the mainstream media.

Here's my challenge to you: For the period of one week, I dare you to refrain from sucking in the nihilism that pours out of mainstream news sources. Instead, for those seven days, get all your news from the pronoiac websites below.

Good News Network

Change the World News

Great News Network

Positive News

Ode magazine

Yes! magazine


Good News Daily

Good News Blog

Happy News

Heroic Stories

Positive Economic News

Good News Economist

NPR report on good news

New "positive change" magazines thrive