Waverly This is the day
your heart became the Earth 
kissed the sun on the lips
merged its juicy red sinews
to the hips of the moon
and all this oneness revealed burst forth from the walls of the dam you constructed when you told yourself you were never nor ever would be enough and you held back the beauty and the love and the wild ache for freedom thinking you could tame a soul which never could be captive, but oh you fooled the fates or so you thought because around those banks the flowers still bloomed and wept with joy when the bees came the willows and birches still arched their backs and dipped their toes into your warmth and herons dove to smell the salmon and salmon leapt to taste the spider and spider spun her web to catch the dewdrop and dewdrop shook into your eddy and eddy swirled to lap the fallen limb and limb made a bed for the turtle and turtle painted the legends of creation on its shell and creation lived on despite this blunder despite the damning and damming of the 75% of our being we call water and you remembered, you remembered you remembered that nothing can contain you nothing can contain you nothing can contain you.

Heidi Howes © 2014