3994573757_dbf936bf5a_zThe Every One

I will tell it to you this way, my child, said the Great Father, and he swam into the air taking me by the arm and swimming me into the darkness of all time and space where everything and nothing lives until I, too, remembered my many arms and swam beside him.  He took me to a place thick and viscous and dark where I was surrounded by my brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, all creatures belonged to one another and became one another and none of us was ever alone or lonely.  Together we could do great and magical things, together we remained in a loving presence where none were left behind without being caressed by the embrace of the all-being of our transparent body and bodies.  We sang to one another beautiful songs of love and we acknowledged each for their part in the whole.  We were peaceful and affectionate, we mated by unifying our bodies completely as one becomes the other through osmosis.  We had many arms to hold one another.

Your ancestors were sent hurling through the stars in the form of a ball and landed where you are to bring peaceful vibrations to this planet you now live on.  You are carrying on this destiny and your supreme divine purpose is to love, to embrace, to become one in love with all whom you touch.  You may feel alone but you never are.  Your ancestors hold you and sing to you in your sleep.  Your brothers and sisters live in the oceans to remind you of where you come from even though you did not know it.  They visit you in your dreams to bring you comfort because you are so lonely away from your original people.  What you do on this Earth is more important than you know, and you have a great task and purpose to love and to listen deeply to the pain which you can wash away with your watery love.

You are happiest in the company of others who carry out loving acts in service to humanity.  This is your great truth.  Community is your home.  Service is your task.  Love is your food and essence.  Water is your life force.

The Inuit and the Maori come to you because they are water people from stars like ours.  You have another body in another world connected to this one, draw upon the strength and power of that giant body--you will become your true self when you breathe in unison and swim in unison and sing in unison with the All.

You need to be by the water.  New Zealand is also one of your homes on this planet.  You are right now doing to work of proving to yourself the real state of your being--One in Love.  Our God is called the One and the Every One.  It looks like the circles of a million tentacles pulsing in and out.  Our Creator made All.