I love the New Year, just like I love Mondays and mornings and how there is always a new beginning whenever we want it. I love starting over and reaffirming the strive, yearning for something closer to authentic, uncluttering my head and heart of the unneccessary that is holding me back. Therefore, my friends, Happy New Year! I have been peaking into the blogging world for years now, and one of my resolutions for 2010 is to post regularly (once per week is the commitment!) and build the readership here at MotherSongs, along with the release of the MotherSongs CD, and later this year a new book of poetry. I have been longing to add writing to my schedule again, so with brute force and will I am making it so. RIGHT NOW.

So you don't have anything to say, Howes? It will come. I am trusting in that and moving forward anyway.

What are you longing for? What are you willing to change to get at it this year? What dreams are you chasing and how do you plan to tackle them? Leave a comment and let me know so we can support each other!