“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi


Just when you think there is nothing new that life might surprise you with, you look up and see the Supermoon. And it takes your breath away because of course you always forget the majesty while your eyes are stuck on the traffic. How many eagles fly overhead while you are looking at the road?


And you are all of these things: mundane and majestic. Flawed and perfectly designed. Burning and just about to be put out.


In your fear and in your pain and in your guilty pleasures, you are all of the things you wish you were and you wish you weren’t. You worry about your son’s silence or your mother’s blood pressure or the bills you cannot pay but these are merely barriers.


The barriers are also outside of us, and built into us, and it is our job to put one foot in front of the other on the quest to finding what keeps them up. Mostly ignorance, mostly fear. Look harder, my friend, and with every affirmation you give your soul that YOU MATTER and YOU ARE LOVE...you will be that much closer to freedom. It may take your whole life to get through your barriers but you must never give up. Keep stumbling. Keep chipping away at those walls.


And sometimes darkness ushers us into light. Just like that we are whole again, renewed, after years of struggle and pain.


When will you let go of suffering and struggle?


When will you dance wildly again (or for the first time) at the sunrise?


I spend my days hunting darkness and then one morning the sun reminds me that I need not flush out the darkness--the light will take care of it.


So I remember to sing, to write poetry, to make love, to dance, to laugh--oh, to laugh with abandon for hours on end. To play (and what is that again? asks the worried mother) To play in the ways that I love to play. To listen deeply and stare deeply into another’s eyes. I get sick of this screen and want to touch, touch, touch you. I want to see the way your skin folds beside your mouth when you speak to me.


And what is it that matters more than this connection? To ourselves, to Mother Nature, to our art and souls, to our people, to our hearts? Do these THINGS we are chasing matter more to us than our hearts?

What is it keeping you from your freedom and joy? Perhaps your forgetting.

You're forgetting.


Find those barriers and flush them out. With love, but take no prisoners. Be ruthless in your pursuit of freedom. 

Love this life with all the courage of your tender heart.

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