When you find yourself in the dark, remember the womb.


Did you forget that you were formed in this darkness?


In the pitch black warmth of your mother’s belly, did you also not feel afraid and alone and separate?


Or did the steady beating of her heart help you trust that you would somehow be alright? ( And were you even listening, were you even aware this was your Mother surrounding you?)


As you grew at such a rapid rate from one act of union, only a seed and an egg transforming through alchemy into a body?


And when you were about to be birthed, the whole world must have come crashing down as you, presumably unaware of the greater process at work, you were squeezed and squeezed and squeezed again with very little respite in between the suffocating contractions. Your brain and organs and ribs compressed to the point of almost breaking.


Sweet child, you were not dying.


You were just about to be born.


And then a force beyond your control passed you through the tightest cavern, or ripped you out with blade and fingers, and sent you splashing into a world of light the likes of which your new eyes had never imagined.


And you cried with all the force of your spirit.


Affirm the air in your fresh lungs.


Use your newfound voice.


Remember the womb.