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Let me tell you a story...


When we share our stories, we give a gift to the world.

I had forgotten this truth until very recently.

And yet, every one of my favorite people has shared their story with me intimately, with raw honesty, with vulnerable abandon. Why else would we be fascinated by the backstory of our favorite artists and celebrities?  We look for answers, for questions, for revelation in the experiences of those around us.

One of my dearest new friends was met on a plane ride back from my first ever trip to California last year.  I love the anticipation of sitting down on a plane because there is an almost mystical truth about travel which is that the synchronicity underlying life is much more apparent when we are out of our element, open to the moment, seeing the world with moving eyes.  I always find that the person I am sitting next to has a strangely relevant life message to share with me.

When I sat down in the middle, a gorgeous red-headed English woman was seated at the window.  I'm not sure how the conversation began, but I swear we didn't take a breath between L.A. and Columbus, we were so wholly engrossed in our conversation.  We couldn't have been more similar--both curvy, bright-eyed, sweet taureans with a penchant for the spiritual.

As women do, we discussed our jobs, then our most recent romantic forays, on to our divorces and then ultimately our families and childhoods.  We laughed, we cried--indeed we forged a celestial sisterhood that day.  She opened up to me about many of the most painful and beautiful life experiences she has had, and I walked away feeling blessed to have met her. Now, just over a year later, we are still friends who get together as often as we can and I have to pinch myself when I remember how we met!

All this is to say that you never know how your openness will transform you, how it will change and impact another.  That we don't give of ourselves completely, unabashedly, fearlessly each day is a travesty.  We simply can't allow the tedium of survival to tether us to the ground.  We must do all that we can to be alive in each moment, for that moment just might be the turning point for ourselves or another.

What story will you share today?  Leave it in the comments below...