Time to join my SOUL FAMILY! Starts May 8, 2017!


Monthly Subscription

One of the reasons I am so blessed is that I really feel like my clients are my FAMILY.

(And if you know me, you know that family is hugely important to me and mine--did you see my little brother on The Ellen Show?????)

I have no doubt you and I were drawn together by soul connection, and I have literally been present for some of your most precious and intimate moments--babies being called in and born, vows being said, mates being found and lost, deaths, breakups, career changes, empowerment, transformation, illness. I am blessed to be the person you call when you need someone.


You are the only one I can tell this to.”

“You saved my life.”

“This came at exactly the right time.”

“I was just about to give up.”

“You always inspire me.”


These are some of the things you have told me. This is how I show up for you. And I will continue to show up, time and time again, when you need me. I am your family.

I love what I do because it is literally what I was put on this Earth for. To love you. To witness your triumphs and tribulations and speak into your soul in a deep way.

It took me a long time to step into my gifts as an intuitive, shaman, and healing catalyst. Now I am ready to take it to the next level.

Since working with thousands of clients over the past few years, I have noticed one common theme: we all need someone to go to for support, for inspiration, for advice, for love, for comfort. Sometimes we have things so deep and private that we can’t share it with those we love most. Sometimes you call me to say Heidi, I can’t keep going. And I breathe into that with you and hold your hand through it in a way that only I can.

But sometimes maybe your funds are short or my schedule is too full. Or maybe you have friends who can’t necessarily afford a session with me but you want them to experience it anyway. Or maybe you just aren’t doing the self care you need and you want to create a consistent, accountable schedule of self care.

My intention is to create a way to support YOU more than ever while creating more content and making myself more available as a spiritual inspirer and guide to you. To be available to you for your dark moments and also to give you that soul inspiration you so desperately need.

This is why I am launching SOUL FAMILY with Heidi Howes, a closed facebook group subscription service where I will be accessible as your personal shaman/healer/coach and adding content throughout the week. You will have access to this exclusive content, including Magic Mondays live readings, daily inspiration, meditations, affirmations, online classes in shamanic tools, live ceremonies, etc! This will be the place I pour my soul into, for you-- my SOUL FAMILY.


By joining my monthly subscription service you will automatically receive a 10% discount on everything else I offer--sessions, classes, etc.


It is really simple, there are a few Subscription options:

1) Amethyst level @ $19/mo-- You have access to all the private facebook group content including live readings, meditations, ceremonies, etc!

2) Citrine Level @$44/mo--You have access to the private facebook group AND you receive a monthly 15 minute reading on the topic of your choice via email or phone. You schedule at your convenience via my online calendar. The 15-minute reading alone is a $38 value.

3) Tourmaline Level @$98--You have access to the private facebook group AND you receive a 45-min session of your choice monthly. Think of this as pro-active self care! You also receive a massive discount on healing sessions as my hourly rate is now $150.

4) Moldavite Level @$228--This is a yearlong subscription to the private facebook group--this level says, yes Heidi, I support you and I want your support too-- and if you sign up today for this level you receive a 15-minute reading free ($38 value)!



Monthly Subscription


If you join today and subscribe for The year, you will receive a personalized reading via email on a question of your choice ($38 value)!


I used to think it was impossible to follow my dream of being myself completely--As you know, I am a single mom making this healer thing work. It hasn’t been easy but believe it or not I have been supporting my family for 3 years doing this “impossible” thing full time. And I know that I have a ton of value to offer you...and that you will benefit from it!

I will launch the content starting next Monday, May 8.