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Hi, I’m Heidi.

I am a universal shamanic practitioner, intuitive coach, and transformation guide. In our work together I provide practical resources as well as an unseen alchemy to support you to invoke your healing and insight.

I believe in magic.

I use magic to help heal, transform, and awaken a world that has forgotten its beauty and purpose.

I provide guidance and create experiences for people to understand both the magic of the world and the magic within.

I am on a mission to shift the paradigm of my own life, to transform it into a magical existence I know in my heart is possible.

Because I know others want that too, maybe even you, I am sharing my journey and the gifts I uncover.

I utilize the ancient and modern techniques of mystics, healers, sages, shamans, medicine people, poets, musicians, scientists, and innovators.

I go listening for stories and dreams that might just save someone's life.

Because there is more to us than this foggy, methodical, boring, sterile world we are dreaming.

It is time for a new dream.

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